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Qualify for Medicare this year?

Whether you turn 65 this year or otherwise qualify for Medicare, stretch your healthcare dollar with a CarePlus Medicare Advantage plan. Enter your Florida ZIP code to find a plan that is right for you.

Coronavirus COVID-19: Prevention and preparedness

CarePlus is actively monitoring the coronavirus unique situation. We have plans in place to keep our members, employees and provider partners safe, and as the situation evolves, we will adapt our policies to ensure access to essential care.

It’s important for people to stay grounded in facts from public health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention.

The CDC recommends that you wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, clean and disinfect surfaces and frequently touched objects, and avoid touching your face. You should also stay home when you are sick and avoid close contact with others who are sick.

CarePlus will provide updates as the situation changes.

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Since 2015, CarePlus has earned a 5 out of 5 Star rating from Medicare a total of four times, including 2019, 2020 and 2021. This is the highest possible rating, and we are proud to continue delivering the quality coverage you deserve.

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