Steps Destination Challenges for CarePlus Members
In 2024, you can earn points toward CarePlus Rewards by participating in steps destination challenges. Use Sharecare to participate virtually from anywhere, and track your progress to unlock interesting facts about various landmarks as you work to maintain or improve your fitness and well-being.

Don’t forget! As a CarePlus member, your plan includes SilverSneakers®. SilverSneakers offers low-impact options for all ages and fitness levels that can help you get more steps.

How do I log steps to participate?

Automatic Tracking Manual Tracking Activities that Count

Synch directly with your wearable device or your smartphone’s health app to allow for seamless, automatic input of your steps data.

In Sharecare, select Track, then select Steps to record the number of steps you’ve taken. Use the following steps conversion chart to convert your activities into steps. If you forget to track your steps for a day, you can track up to one week of missed steps, up to 7 days after the challenge ends.


Walking is just one way to count steps. You can also convert almost any activity into steps – like swimming, gardening, vacuuming, playing with grandkids, or taking a SilverSneakers® exercise class.

You may use the following steps conversion chart to calculate your steps for different activities:

Steps conversion chart – English | Spanish

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