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Healthy Habit Challenges

New for 2022! CarePlus members are invited to participate in fun, interactive challenges designed to help you with healthy eating, physical activity, and more.

Challenges are an opportunity to track your healthy actions each day and see your progress toward a larger goal. During each challenge, you can even receive tips to help you along the way.

Already engaged in healthy habits? Participating in a challenge can help you stay motivated and may even lead you to make even healthier choices.

Thought about making healthy changes, but not quite there yet? Participating in a challenge is a learning experience for all levels and can help you take the first steps toward your goals.

All members of CarePlus Health Plans are welcome to participate. For your safety, please ask your doctor before you make changes to your diet or exercise habits. Participation is optional and will not affect your enrollment. As a CarePlus member, you may participate in the challenges we offer at no additional cost to you.

It can feel good to successfully meet the goal of a challenge, but remember to celebrate every victory. If the challenge helps you get a little more exercise or eat a little healthier, that’s a big accomplishment. We hope you’ll continue challenging yourself to achieve your best health.

How do I sign up for a challenge?

CarePlus challenges are powered by Sharecare, which you can access in MyCarePlus (your member portal).

  1. Log in or register for MyCarePlus(link opens in new window).
  2. In MyCarePlus, click the “Get Started” button on the homepage to log in or register for Sharecare. You may already use Sharecare for your CarePlus Rewards program(link opens in new window). If it’s your first time using Sharecare, follow the prompts to register.
  3. Go to Achieve > Challenges > Active Challenges.
  4. If there is an active challenge, click Join.
  5. Read the instructions to start tracking toward the goal of the challenge.

Please note: challenges become active 15 days before they start. You can join a challenge after it starts, but it may not be possible to complete the goal when you start late.

Want to see upcoming challenges that aren’t active yet? In Sharecare, go to Achieve > Challenges > Upcoming Challenges.

What challenges are offered when? And how do they work?

Expand each section below to learn about the challenges we’re offering during specific months in 2022.

For challenges and more, go to your member portal

Log in or register for your member portal, MyCarePlus. MyCarePlus is where you can find important information about your CarePlus plan, manage your CarePlus Rewards online, and participate in challenges when they’re available.

We hope that offering fun challenges to participate in is another way we can help you achieve your best health.

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