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Patient Experience Circle (PXCircle)

Creating a closer circle between you, your healthcare provider, and your health plan.

What is PXCircle?

The Patient Experience Circle (PXCircle) is a series of presentations CarePlus members can attend to learn how to have an excellent member experience with CarePlus.

PXCircle sessions help you learn how to:

  • Take control of your health care decisions
  • Have open communication with your primary care physician
  • Be proactive in scheduling health appointments and screenings
  • Use available CarePlus services you may not know about
  • Take action if you experience an issue with your plan
  • Plus more!

Each session is lead by a CarePlus educator who is there to help you learn and answer any questions you may have. We encourage all members to attend each PXCircle session at least once, if possible.

You can attend a live PXCircle session online with CarePlus Link. Visit the CarePlus Link page, then scroll down and select one of the PXCircle categories. Select the day and time you’d like to attend and register for the presentation.

If you live near a CarePlus Community Center, you may also check the schedule of activities for in-person PXCircle sessions.