Availity Essentials Secure Portal
Submit preauthorization requests and view member benefits, eligibility information, claims status, and more with the multipayer Availity Essentials™.
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If you don’t have an Availity user ID and password, visit Availity.com to register at no cost.

If you have an Availity user ID and password but have never submitted a preauthorization request to CarePlus via Availity, your organization’s Availity administrator can set up your access to do so. 

Today with Availity you can:

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    • B2B (system-to-system) submission process (with the help of an Availity analyst)
    • Electronic data interchange (EDI) reports
    • Inpatient census and discharge census reports (primary care providers only)
    • Our Provider Finder and provider directories
    • Remittance information (after setting up EFT/ERA)
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    • Documentation and coding review results
    • Preauthorization list (PAL) from the preauthorization submission screen
    • Pharmacy claims history, including date of service, drug name and description, and amount paid (coming ~June 2024)
    • Request a provider and facility with one preauthorization request submission
    • Preauthorizations by entering patient and requesting provider information (with or without entering the preauthorization number)
  • Documents. Illustration.

    Send or View

    • CarePlus members’ benefit and eligibility information
    • Claims status(es) and payment(s)
    • EDI files and set up EDI reporting preferences
    • Pended inpatient or outpatient preauthorization requests (and the additional information we request before we make a determination) 
    • Up to 10 procedure codes on each preauthorization request

Help and Additional Support

To access the Availity Learning Center, please sign in to your account, select “Help & Training” in the upper right corner, and then select “Get Trained.”

Availity also makes a training video library available after you log in. Training videos include:

For Availity technical support:

  • Call 1-800-282-4548
  • Open a supprt ticket by selecting “Help & Training” in the upper right corner, and then selecting “Availity Support.”
  • Submit a tech support ticket once you sign in to Availity Essentials.
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Provider Web Services

Along with Availity Essentials, CarePlus currently offers another method of working with us online: Provider Web Services (PWS).

To modernize and streamline our provider portal experience, CarePlus will sunset PWS. As of July 1, 2024, providers will no longer be able to access PWS.