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CarePlus Wellness Education Program

The CarePlus Wellness Education Program (WE Program) brings you educational information in a social setting meant to inspire you to live your healthiest lifestyle. The program also strives to help you get closer to achieving lifelong well-being.

What is Wellness?

We define wellness as a state that combines health and happiness, or a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.

The first step in improving your wellness is to know and understand that your wellness has seven dimensions that may help you reach your highest potential. These seven dimensions of health and wellness are physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, occupational, and environmental wellness.

How can you improve your Wellness?

Make a personal decision to incorporate or reinforce good habits into your daily life. Below are important aspects that affect your well-being and may help you discover how to improve your habits.

Physical: Before making any changes in your life, please talk to your physician about incorporating physical activities, exercise, and/or effort into your daily routine. With your physician's authorization, start slowly and regularly integrate your personal physical routine into your life. Eat healthier types of foods, according to your physician's recommendations; take your medications according to the physician's prescriptions; and get enough sleep, since a good night's sleep usually improves your well-being. Including these simple steps in the physical aspect of your daily routine may help improve your health and your ability to function.

Emotional: If you think you need help in managing your emotions, consult with your physician. Recognizing your limitations, asking for professional advice, and behaving responsibly may help to improve your emotional wellness. Caring for a pet, growing plants, and volunteering may help you improve the emotional aspects of your life.

Spiritual: Exploring habits that help improve your peace and relaxation are very helpful. Reading about or discussing your values and beliefs may bring a sense of gratification to your life.

Social: Participating in community activities, either in person or virtually, may help you interact with other people. Find information in your local newspapers, magazines, and online about activities in your area. You may be amazed at how many social events take place in your area every month, and how many of them are offered for free.

Intellectual: Engaging in creative activities, such as arts and crafts, playing a musical instrument, or computer classes may help keep you active and satisfied. Include mental games like Sudoku and crossword puzzles in your routine.

Occupational: Sharing your skills, talents, and abilities with other people may give your life a sense of fulfillment and may help improve your level of productivity and independence.

Environmental: Discovering eco-friendly products may help you improve your well-being. Getting information about local shelters can help prepare you in case of catastrophic situations (e.g., hurricanes, flooding, or fires), and may help to improve your sense of security.

The above general health-related information is not a substitute for professional healthcare. For individualized medical guidance, talk to your healthcare provider.

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