Medicare Advantage Plans

“Extra Help” with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs

What Help is Available

Medicare provides certain low-income individuals help with paying for prescription drugs through its “Extra Help” or Low Income Subsidy (LIS) program. Who is eligible? How to apply. What is available?

You May Qualify for Medicare’s “Extra Help” Program

If you participate in Medicare plus another program – i.e., Medicaid, PACE, a Medicare Savings Program, or SSI – you'll receive help with some Medicare costs automatically. Read about automatic qualification.

You Can Apply for “Extra Help” if You Don't Qualify Automatically

Many Medicare beneficiaries qualify for “Extra Help” with drug costs, so why not check it out? Even if you are not sure, the eligibility standards change frequently, so it may be worth your time to find out more! Find out how to apply.

Where to Find More Information

Need more details about Medicare’s “Extra Help” Program? Want to talk with someone on the phone? Look here for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security Administration contact information. Find websites and phone numbers.