Need Help with Financial Assistance Programs?
CarePlus Social Services can help you determine potential eligibility and apply.

Medicare beneficiaries with limited income and assets may be eligible for assistance from state and federal programs that pay for all or part of their monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and copays. Many people are eligible for these savings and do not even know it.

Did you know we can help you apply for assistance?

CarePlus proudly serves the community as a Department of Children and Families, ACCESS Florida Partner. You may apply, report any changes, or complete an updated review for Public Assistance Benefits with us for:

  • Medicaid*
  • Food Stamps*
  • Temporary Cash Assistance*
  • Long-Term Care Community Diversion Program Referral*
  • And a variety of other state and federal programs

Call CarePlus if you think you may qualify for assistance, even if you are not sure.

We can help you learn if you may be eligible for state and federal benefits. Our Social Services team is ready to help you with the application process at no cost to you.

CarePlus Social Services

1-855-392-3900 (TTY: 711)

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Using one of our support services is completely optional, and you are not obligated to provide any personal information. Any information you provide us is only shared with state and federal agencies directly responsible for determining eligibility. However, we may need information about your Medicaid status to confirm eligibility.

CarePlus provides an initial eligibility screening. The appropriate state or federal agency will make the final eligibility determination. If you do not agree with our initial screening, you can apply directly at a state or federal office.

*The Florida Department of Children and Families is the designated state agency to determine eligibility.

Do You Qualify for Medicare’s Extra Help program?

Extra Help is a Medicare program to help people pay for prescription drug costs. It is also known as the Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) program.

To be eligible for Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug plan costs, you must:

  • Have a monthly gross income of less than $1,882 for an individual or less than $2,555 for a couple**
  • Have assets valued below $17,220 for an individual or $34,360 for a couple living together**
  • Reside in the United States

Assets that do not count toward determining eligibility for Extra Help/LIS include:

  • Primary residence
  • Personal possessions
  • Vehicle(s)
  • Property needed for self-support, such as rental property or land used to grow produce for home consumption
  • Non-business property essential to self-support
  • Life insurance policies
  • Burial plots or spaces
  • Interest earned on money set aside for burial expenses

Income that does not count toward determining eligibility for Extra Help/LIS includes:

  • Assistance from others to pay for household expenses (Contributions)

**Eligibility requirements and benefit amounts vary by state and federal program and are subject to change. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) annually publishes resource and income levels for Extra Help. The Social Security Administration makes all eligibility determinations. CarePlus does not make determinations about eligibility for state and federal programs.

Do You Qualify for Medicaid?

To be eligible for Florida Medicaid benefits through the Medicare Savings Programs, which are part of the State Medicaid Program (Dual Eligibility status***), you must:

  • Be entitled to Medicare Part A
  • Be a Florida resident
  • Be a U.S. citizen or qualified resident
  • Have a monthly gross income of less than $1,715 for an individual or less than $2,320 for a couple***+
  • Have assets valued below $9,430 for an individual or $14,130 for a couple living together***+

***The Florida Department of Children and Families is the designated state agency to determine eligibility for program services/benefits.

+A $20 general income exclusion is included in the income amounts.

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