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All CarePlus Medicare Advantage plans provide supplemental dental, vision, and hearing coverage. Certain plans extend that coverage by giving you the CareCard allowance benefit. Depending on your plan for 2023, the CareCard allowance benefit adds an extra $250, $1,000, $1,500, or $2,500 you can spend at participating in-network providers for covered dental, vision, and hearing expenses.

What does that mean?

If your plan covers one dental extraction but you need a second one, you can use the CareCard to help cover the cost of the second one. If your plan doesn’t cover extractions, the CareCard cannot be used for extractions. Limitations and exclusions may apply. Please check your Evidence of Coverage for the amount on your CareCard and which dental, vision, and hearing supplemental benefits your plan covers. Funds can only be used at participating in-network providers for covered benefits. Limitations and exclusions may apply.

Sample of CarePlus Health Plans card

Need a CareCard? Getting yours is easy!

If your CarePlus plan includes the CareCard benefit, you can request that a physical card be mailed to you. But you don’t have to wait for your card to arrive before using this benefit! An electronic Carecard is available for use once you request a physical card.

To request a physical CareCard by mail: Just call CarePlus CareCard at 1-888-343-3345 (TTY: 711) anytime to request it. You will receive your CareCard in the mail within a couple weeks after your request it.

To access your electronic CareCard: After requesting a physical card, download the CareCard app and register using your CarePlus member ID number. If you need help with the app or registration, call CarePlus CareCard at 1-888-343-3345 (TTY: 711) anytime.

Want to use your CareCard? Here’s how:

  1. If you receive a physical card, activate it online (link opens in new window) at or call CarePlus CareCard at 1-888-343-3345 (TTY: 711) anytime.
  2. Find a participating provider online (link opens in new window) at or download the CareCard app from the App Store or Google Play.
  3. Use your card to pay for covered services.

For a list of covered services, please refer to the CareCard app, or review your benefits on MyCarePlus, your member portal (link opens in new window).

More about the CareCard App

Use the CareCard app to:

  • Request and activate a physical copy of your card
  • Use your electronic CareCard
  • Find participating providers
  • Check your card balance
  • View your transactions
  • Request a replacement card

Please don’t let your allowance expire! Funds expire on Dec. 31st of each year and cannot be carried over into the next plan year.

As long as you’re a CarePlus member, the physical card has a 5-year lifespan and should not be discarded. Please keep your card for next year so that, if your benefit is renewed, we can automatically load any future CareCard funds onto it.

For program details, card activation, card balance, or a replacement card, visit (link opens in new window), download the CareCard app, or call 1-888-343-3345 (TTY: 711).