If you need to ask CarePlus to pay you back for covered services in certain situations, please use the guidance on this page.

Why You should Request a Payment Reimbursement

Sometimes when you get medical care or a prescription drug, you may need to pay the full cost. Other times, you may find that you have paid more than you expected under the coverage rules of the plan. In these cases, you can ask our plan to pay you back (paying you back is often called reimbursing you). It is your right to be paid back by our plan whenever you've paid more than your share of the cost for medical services or drugs that are covered by our plan. There may be deadlines that you must meet to get paid back. You can find additional information in your plans’ Evidence of Coverage.

How to Send Us Your Request for Payment 

Submit your requests for payment reimbursement, along with proof of payment (bills, receipts) and/or a copy of the medical record documentation, if available. You must send the Reimbursement Request Form or signed reimbursement request in writing.

To make sure you are giving us all the information we need to make a decision; you may download, print, and complete a copy of the Reimbursement Request Form below.

English Reimbursement Request Form

Spanish Reimbursement Request Form

If you don’t want to use the form, send us a cover letter with all the needed documentation listed above.

Where to Send Your Request for Payment

Mail your request for payment with any bills, receipts, and/or medical record documentation to us at: 

CarePlus Health Plans
Attention: Member Services Department
P.O. Box 277810
Miramar, FL 33027