New to Medicare?
We understand you have many options and questions. We are here to help guide you through this important decision for your health.

Ask these questions.

Different plans and Medicare options are best suited for different needs. These questions can help you start your decision process.

Which doctors will I need to see?

When reviewing Medicare plan options, check to make sure your doctors, specialists, and dentists will be covered.

All CarePlus Medicare Advantage plans cover our large network of trusted doctors. CarePlus has a Find a Doctor tool that lets you find covered healthcare professionals in your area, including information that may be important to you such as their specialties, gender, the languages they speak, and if they are accepting new patients.

When you choose an HMO plan, you’ll select a primary care physician (PCP) from our network of providers. Your PCP manages your care and helps you have one main point of contact who understands your overall health needs. Your PCP will provide your routine or basic care and coordinate the rest of the covered services you need. In most cases, you must see your PCP to get a referral before you see any other healthcare provider.

Are my medications covered?

Many Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans, such as CarePlus, cover Part D prescription drugs (in addition to covering Parts A and B). These Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans (MAPD) may cover different medications at different price “tiers.” Some plans may even cover drugs during the “donut hole” or Medicare coverage gap. By talking to a licensed sales agent or checking each plan’s drug guide, you can learn if and how your medications are covered.

If prescription coverage is not your greatest need right now, consider plan options with coverage to meet your current health needs. It’s all about understanding your specific needs and finding the right plan for you.

Remember, Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not cover Part D prescription drugs. You must enroll in a MAPD or a stand-alone prescription drug plan (PDP) for prescription drug coverage.

What benefits are most important to me right now?

Different Medicare Advantage plans include different benefits or levels of coverage. Some plan benefits may help you manage a medical condition, and some plan benefits are designed to help you maintain your health for less sick days.

At CarePlus, our Medicare Advantage plans provide coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays, dental, vision, hearing, acupuncture, the SilverSneakers® fitness program, and much more. We can help you review important details such as your deductible and maximum out-of-pocket costs.

If your needs change over time, you can change plans during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period each year.

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