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Insulin & vaccine benefits on CarePlus’ Medicare Advantage plans are getting even better in 2023

At CarePlus, we want to help you save money and achieve your best health.

With the passing of a new law, known as the Inflation Reduction Act, all Medicare Advantage plans will have enhanced benefits beginning Jan.1, 2023.

Because of the recency of the legislation, these enhanced benefits may not be described in plan documents or website information.

We will update this page as more updates become available.

Good news—beginning April 1, 2023!

Beginning April 1, 2023, CarePlus members may pay less for certain drugs covered by Medicare Part B, based on a new and lower coinsurance amount. (Your coinsurance is the share you must pay for prescription drugs after you meet your deductible.) Any reduction in your out-of-pocket cost for eligible drugs will be made when you pay for your prescriptions at the pharmacy.

On April 1, please check back on this website to see a list of eligible drugs. We will update the list every 3 months.

Please note that these changes will not apply to Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

Part B-Covered Insulin Savings

Effective July 1, 2023, if you take insulin that’s covered by your Medicare Part B benefits, any deductible you pay for your plan will no longer apply to your Part B insulin prescription. You will continue to pay no more than $35 for a one-month (up to 30-day) supply of Part B-covered insulin. This cost limit is for insulin dispensed through a pump or Medicare-covered durable medical equipment.

To learn more, log in to MyCarePlus at to view your Evidence of Coverage.

$0 for shingles and other vaccines

All Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage will cover most Part D vaccines* at no cost to you. This includes the shingles vaccine. This coverage applies regardless of the vaccine’s drug tier and even if your plan has a deductible and you haven't paid it. If it is covered on your plan’s Part D drug list (CarePlus Prescription Drug Guide), then it is $0.

Since your Medicare Advantage plan includes medical coverage (Medicare Part B), common vaccines such as COVID-19, flu and pneumonia vaccines will continue to be covered at no cost to you through your Part B medical benefit.

Part D-Covered Insulin Savings

Monthly copays of no more than $35 for all CarePlus covered Part D insulins. Benefit applies for all members in Medicare plans with prescription drug coverage and is all year long.

You won’t pay more than $35 for a one-month (up to 30-day) supply of Part D insulin covered by the plan.

This benefit applies no matter which drug tier it’s in and even if you haven’t paid your plan deductible.

This applies to all covered Part D insulins through the entire plan year and through all stages of your prescription drug benefit.

All members are eligible, including those who receive “Extra Help”.

Members in the Part D Senior Savings Model, which CarePlus calls the Insulin Savings Program, will continue to receive affordable, predictable costs on Select Insulins. The amount is shown in your CarePlus plan materials. Plus, you will receive all additional insulin benefits included in the Inflation Reduction Act.

If you are currently a CarePlus member, you may view your plan’s 2023 Evidence of Coverage online.